So. Who am I to guide you through cities as old as time and dare to compare them to the brilliance of New York? I write under the name Jordan C. Rider. I’m a storyteller at heart and so I usually write YA or adult fiction or fantasy. I’ve written Leaving Waden, a YA novel and I’m currently looking for an agent for a few other books that are much better (I promise). I’ve lived in New York for a few years now as a student, writer, and adventurer and loved every second of it. I never thought I’d leave, but when I did, it changed everything.

I became addicted to adventure–which is a whole different type of story in itself–and I’m here to help you do the same. Though this site is mainly to blog for my e-book and for my internship at Campus Clipper, I’m considering this a bit of a personal project too. See, I made this journal when I was exploring and reading back on it, I realized how much New York, my own home, was so much like the magical cities of the world. But from the experiences I had, I know that not all cities are the same internally. Some cities are more suited to some than others. Thus, I’d like to use this blog to show you how many cities of the world are similar and different to New York. Every week I’ll focus on one aspect of NYC and share my experiences in another city that I admired for that aspect as well.

I’m excited and I hope you are too. More than anything, I hope this will inspire a craving for exploration and adventure in you that will never dampen.